Meet Millicent "Militia" Bubblegum, courier for Bubblegum Innovations, Incorporated. Follow the adventures of a brash, overconfident, pink-haired flurry of a girl as she rampages across the iron sprawl of Industropolis in the year 3142. More info »

MILITIA BUBBLEGUM™ is intended to be published as a long format, black & white, manga digest graphic novel. It will be available from Amazon as well as your favorite retail booksellers. Keep checking back here or on our Facebook for more information as it develops. « Too much info!



Posted on Monday May 25, 2015

So, after some time letting our beloved illustrated adventure linger, I went back and took a look over what I had produced so far. I came upon the decision that this may actually be better delivered as a web comic first, with a print edition to eventually follow.

To that end, Militia Bubblegum has now launched on Tapastic. Having reviewed their platform, I was impressed with the quality, layout, and mobile-friendly codebase (being a web developer by trade). I'm happy to be part of the Tapastic lineup and feel that their environment will be a suitable home for episodic delivery of the as-yet-untold adventures of Militia Bubblegum.

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